Poker Words

Poker terminology is vast. This list is by no means complete, but it is some of the more important poker terms explained starting with A. Greek Champs will list a comprehensive list of poker terms which goes some ways in teaching you how to play poker.

ABC Poker is a fundamental strategy which refers to playing basic. ABC Poker has uses beyond just starting out and is sometimes employed by experienced players in specific situations.

Poker Terms Ace

Ace is the highest ranking card in poker and is labeled with the letter A. The Ace can also play as a low card for a straight hand.

Aces full is a full house consisting of any pair and three aces.

Ace High refers to a hand where the ace is the highest card, and there are no pairs or straights. It’s worse than even a pair.

Ace in the hole describes one of the face-down cards being an ace

Aces Wired is the same as ace in hole, but two aces are flipped back to back.

Poker Terms Aces

Acting out of turn. A player announces their actions by folding or checking before it’s their turn. See angle shooting

Action has four definitions: 

  1. A player’s turn to act
  2. A readiness to play large pots frequently
  3. A measure of how active the betting and raising is in a game.
  4. A players wager or bet of any kind.

Act is when it’s a players turn to either fold, call, check, open bet, or raise.

Action Poker Card a dealt community card which results in multiple players increasing their action. That is, a great card! An action card might result in high pairs or a straight.

An active player is one who is still active in the game.

Add on can be buying more chips in between hands or, if permitted, where a player purchases additional chips.  Add-ons are offered at a specific time. Players should not assume tournaments offer add-ons and should check first.

Advertising can be conscious or unconscious. Advertising refers to making an obvious play and is generally done to give the impression you are employing a different strategy.  Revealing the cards is one such method

Aggressive player regularly raises and re-raises ver a large range of hands.

Air hand, or card has low value. A player could fold or attempt to bluff.

In Texas hold’em Ajax refers to a starting hand with one jack and one ace.

All in is when the player commits their entire stack of wagering money.

Alligator Blood refers to a playing able to handle pressure.

In Texas hold’em American Airlines refers to a starting hand with two aces.

Ammunition is synonymous for chips

An Angle, while not illegal, is ethically questionable. For example, acting out of turn or intentionally misleading your next action.

Ante is the bet required by each player prior to the dealer, dealing the cards.

Ante bean is the chip used to ante.

Automatic Bet is made regardless of the players cards.

Ax, or drop, is the percentage of a pot kept by the tournament organisers to pay expenses.