Poker Words B

Backdoor is a hand requiring two or more consecutive cards to complete a winning hand. Backdoor also refers to a hand other than the player’s intention.

Backdoor flush would need the turn and river to make the flush.

Backdoor straight, as with the backdoor flush, needs the turn and river to make the hand.

Bad Beat is any loss which greatly defies the odds. It’s a hand-beaten by a lucky draw.  Check out youtube for some classic bad beats.

Bankroll is the total money dedicated to playing poker.

Backer does not play and financially supports an active player.

Baskin Robbins is a hand consisting of a 3 and ace.

Base Dealing is a form of cheating. The dealer takes cards off the bottom of the deck instead of the top. Also called bottom dealing.

Benjamin A $100 bill. One of the more obvious poker terms!

Poker Terms Bet

The bet is putting money into the pot.

Bet blind is placing a bet without looking at the cards. It’s considered poor form.

A bet in the dark is announcing a bet before the cards are dealt. You’re basically increased the pot.

Bet the Pot is to bet the amount of chips in the pot.

Betting Structure refers to the rules controlling the players bets, limits and raises caps.

Poker Terms Big Bet

Big Bet the larger of the two bet amounts in a fixed limit game used for the turn and river.

Big Full The largest possible Full House.

Big Slick is a hand consisting of an Ace and King.

Big stack is a stack of chips relatively large for the stakes currently played.

Blank is a community card which will likely have no bearing on the players’ hands.

Bleeding chips refers to consistently losing over a period of indeterminant time.

Blind are the bets required by the two players sitting to the left of the dealer. It’s a type of ante. The small blind is played by the player sitting to the immediate left of the dealer; the big blind is the player two to the left of the dealer.

A player is Blinded Off when the majority of their stack is disbursed paying the blinds.

Blind raise forces the big blind player to raise.

A blocker card refers to holding one of the cards your opponent needs to for a competitive hand.

Blocking Bet is made to block opponents from making a larger bet.

Bluff is betting with a mathematically poor hand to make the better hands fold.

Bluff catcher or bluff inducer is a hand that wins by calling a player who has bluffed.

Board are the community cards on the table and refers to the face-up cards in stud games.

Bottom End is the lowest possible straight.

Bottom Pair is the lowest possible pair in a community card game.

Broadway hand is the highest possible straight and is 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of any suit.

Bust is where a player loses all their chips.

Busted Hand is a rubbish or valueless hand.

Buy-in refers to the minimum amount of chips required play in a game or tournament.