Poker Words

Poker is not just about learning the rules and following a strategy, it also involves a ridiculously vast number of colloquial words. This guide highlights some of the poker words you will need to navigate your way around the poker table.

Dark (bet) is to act, usually by announcing a bet before the cards are deal. Its like blind

Darth Vader… The dark fours.

A dead hand is players hand that has been prohibited from participating in the round due to a rule infraction such as the wrong number of cards being dealt.

A Dead card is not playable. The card has been exposed or discarded

To deal cards, is to distribute cards to each player until the pot is awarded. The deal refers to the entire process of shuffling and distributing the 52 cards.

Poker Terms Dealer

The dealer is the person who deals the cards.  The dealer holds the button.

Deal me in is requested b y a player who may be temporarily absent. Deal me out is the opposite.

Dealer’s choice is a version of poker where the dealer chooses the poker game the table will play the hand. For example, Texas Hold’em, Omaha or Irish Poker.

The deck is 52 cards consisting of four different suits: spades, diamond, hearts and clubs. There is one card for each suit from 2 to 10, then jack, queen, king and ace.

Deep stack is synonymous with big stake. The players stack of chips is relatively large compared to the stakes being played

Deuces is a term used for two in poker. “I have a pair of deuces”

Dirty stack consists of a  stack of chips seemingly of a single denomination, but at least one chip is not. This may be intentional or due to inattention. intentional deception.

Dog is a slang poker word for underdog.

Donk bet aka donkey. A donk is generally shows inexperience or lack of understanding of strategy, but it could be used as a bluff too!

In a stud game, a player’s first face-up card is the door card. In In Texas hold ’em, it’s the first visible card of the community cards.

Poker Terms Double up

Double up is to bet all of one’s chips on one hand against a single opponent whom has a larger stack.

Downcard (s) are dealt face down.

Down to the green refers to the table felt where a players chips used to be after they have gone all in.

A downswing occurs during a prolonged period in which a player loses money.

Draw is when a player discards the cards they do not want and receive new ones. Types of draws include: flush draw, outside straight draw, inside straight draw, backdoor draw and drawing thin.

Drawing dead is playing a drawing hand that will lose

Draw for seats is a method of determining where players sit at the table.

Drop is to fold. It’s the physical action of dropping the cards on the table.

Ducks same as deuces. That is, pair of twos