Poker terms which start with E.

An Early Bet refers to a bet placed after the first card is drawn in stud.

Early Position being the first players to act in a hand

Eight or better, sometimes denoted as ‘8ob, is a common qualifier in games of hi/lo split poker like omaha and seven card stud in which only hands with the highest card an eight or less can win the low portion of the pot.

Eagles are the cards of a fifth suit in a sixty-five-card deck.

An advantageous position is the Edge

The edge odds are the advantage relative to other players.

Eldest Hand is the first player to the dealer’s left.

Empty Rack Superstition believers think an empty poker chip rack causes bad luck

Poker Terms End Bet

End Bet is the last bet of an interval.

Entry Fee is payable for tournaments to play. It could be up to thousand of dollars.

End Strippers are cards which have been altered along the ends for cheating

Equity is the percentage of the pot you would expect to receive over infinite permutations of running the hand multiplied by the amount of money in the pot.

Euro Donks are terrible players from Europe

Euro Lagtards make aggressive retarded plays with complete reckless abandonment.

EV , or expected value, is the return on your investment you can expect when combining probability and profitability. Its effectively the long term profitability.

Poker Terms Even money

Even money describes a wager or payout that is being offered without odds, where the amount being bet is the amount eligible to be won. (read more)

An exposed card is accidentally shown to one or all players at the table

Exposed pair is a pair that is exposed to other players. They could be the community cards or in a players hand during stud games.

Extra Blind is placed by a player either entering the game or returning to the game.

Eubie hand is an 8 and 6. It’s a very poor set of cards.